4 Types of Skill Assessment Tests and How to Prepare

For a job as a certified nursing assistant or a lab technician or a welder or any of thousands of other jobs, employees will have to take a test to demonstrate their abilities before they can be certified or hired. 

As with other sorts of interviews, there is a difference between how you should prepare for this type of test and how you’d prepare for an ordinary job interview. If you are looking for ways to test your future employees on their skills, here is a quick guide.

What Is a Skills Assessment Test?

A skills assessment test is a standardized test that will assess your skill and how well you can perform certain tasks. These tests can be done using a simulator, like a flight simulator for pilots, or it can be done using real-life circumstances, like if you want to become a firefighter or a police officer.

These tests are meant to test your abilities to perform certain tasks in real life and to ensure that you have the technical skills to do the job. This type of test is meant to weed out candidates who lack technical expertise.

Types of Skill Assessment Test

1) Research

Most skill assessment tests will require research, either in a library or online. This is meant to test how well you can perform research, and how you can sift through a large amount of data to find the most relevant information.

When you’re taking a research test, you’ll be asked to look through a large amount of information and find specific information. You’ll also be asked to look for information that is on a specific topic.

2) Verbal

Verbal skill assessment tests are the most common. When you take the verbal assessment test, you’ll be asked to read and interpret written material. The verbal assessments are meant to test whether you have the ability to read and interpret information and whether you can find certain relevant information.

The verbal assessment will most likely test your ability to write reports and/or emails, and your ability to interpret emails and write reports and emails of your own.

3) Technical

Technical assessment tests are meant to test your ability to understand and use technical equipment, like the logistics associated with a motor vehicle, or the mechanics associated with a piece of machinery.

For example, the communications officer on a ship will be required to know how to work the radio and how to make sure that the system is working properly for communication.

4) Simulations

The most common kind of skill assessment is a simulation test, which tests your ability to perform a certain task in real life. If you’re trying to become a firefighter, you’ll be required to take a simulation test that tests your ability to put out a fire, and your ability to follow regulations when doing so.

The simulation test will require you to know certain regulations and how to work with a team to complete a task.


Skill assessment tests are meant to be difficult. They are designed to weed out the candidates who lack the specific technical knowledge that the company is looking for.

Learn more about assessment tests for jobs through Kandio. We have all the resources you need to learn more about the job-hunting process. Get in touch with us today!

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