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Pre-hire testing is a process that allows employers to screen candidates for job openings to identify the best possible candidates. This process can involve various types of assessments, including cognitive ability tests, critical thinking skills tests, personality tests, work preference tests, and motivation tests. By administering these tests, employers can learn more about each candidate and determine which candidates best fit the open positions.

Hiring assessments are becoming more popular for screening candidates and predicting future success. According to research, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one personality test used by 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Why Employ Pre-hiring Assessment Tests?

So many companies are adopting standardized pre-hire testing and hiring assessments because they are more accurate than traditional methods like phone interviews and on-site meetings. This is because it is very easy for candidates to lie about their qualifications and accomplishments on their resumes and during interviews. 

However, lying about their qualifications and personality traits on a standardized test is much more difficult. Therefore, these tests are a more accurate measure of a candidate's true qualifications and personality traits.

Most employers have adopted a customized interview approach to understanding the potential candidate better and whether they would be a good fit for the company. This often includes a brief project, test, or “case study” as part of the hiring process. While this can give some insight into the candidate's abilities, it does not always give a true representation of the candidate or how they would perform in the role.

Aside from gauging their personality indicators, pre-hiring assessment tests also ensure retention and lessened turnovers! The second part involves selecting someone with the right personality for the job. Employees who fit the personality of the job tend to be more engaged in the role, which leads to higher productivity, lower turnover, and ultimately lower costs for your company.

Conversely, employees who are not a good fit for the job can lead to lower productivity, higher turnover, and higher costs for the company. Finding someone who will be a good fit for the position is important to avoid these problems.

Another benefit of pre-hiring assessments is that they can help you identify candidates with the personality traits and soft skills that are a good match for the role and the organization. The results can help you predict whether a candidate will likely be a good fit for your company. If you're looking to improve or preserve your company culture, these assessments can also show you which candidates are likely to help with that goal.

As We Close, Ensure You Choose the Right Test

Different companies will have different hiring needs, so it's important to understand what your company is looking for before you choose a test. If hiring for a senior-level executive position in the technology industry, you'll want to focus on screening for cognitive ability and overall personality traits. If you're hiring for a position in the food and beverage industry, you'll want to focus on behavioral factors such as sociability, timeliness, and conscientiousness.

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