Must Have Assessment Test Features

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Must Have Assessment Test Features

Here’s one thing I’ve learned after running a couple of businesses in the past years: always go through the hiring process with a lot of caution. See, your main goal in getting new people for the team shouldn’t simply be about getting more hands on deck -- it should be about having the right people to work together towards a common goal. There’s a certain art to hiring the right people, but it’s not exactly rocket science to find the ideal employees. And this is where assessment test features come in handy.

You wouldn’t have any trouble finding candidates that are fit for employment. In fact, the talent pool has grown even bigger, with professionals acquiring new skills outside their formal education. Plus, it’s fairly easy to sift through the pool and create a shortlist of candidates, now that there are tools and systems that can do it for you. What’s left to do is to test whether a candidate can actually demonstrate the skills on their resumes. 

We’ve previously discussed the perils of not testing your candidates, and with platforms such as Kandio, there’s absolutely no excuse not to conduct assessments first. When it comes to the systems or tools used in these assessments, you’ll want to find one that offers the complete suite of assessment test features:

Anti-cheating technology

Some might think that it’s easy to get away with cheating when taking online exams. An ideal assessment exam is equipped with an anti-cheating feature that prevents the user from working around. This way, the user’s actual knowledge of a particular skill is tested fair and square.

An easy-to-use dashboard

Especially if you have little time to spare in reviewing candidates, you’ll want a platform with a simple and easy-to-use dashboard, where everything (candidates, exams, and results) can be easily accessed.

Live push notifications

All good assessment test features aren't enjoyed if you can't even be updated in real-time. With this feature, you can easily track any activity on your assessment test in real-time. You’ll be sent notifications whenever a candidate finishes your test, or if your assessment has already expired.

Mobile responsiveness

Given that everyone’s on their phones nowadays, mobile-responsive platforms should already be a given. This way, candidates can have easy access to your assessment tests, regardless of the device used. If you have all the goodness of assessment test features in your mobile device, then you can basically work on-the-go, any time.


Candidates are given the freedom to take these online assessments at their most convenient time. Ideally, your assessment exam must be able to accommodate multiple candidates at once, with each candidate having the same experience while taking the test.

Customized according to your branding

Everything that your candidates will encounter online, from your website to your assessment tests, will give them an idea of what your business is all about. These assessments are usually the first thing your candidates will encounter when applying, so it’s best to put your best foot forward and customize your test to follow your own branding guidelines.

You might think that we’re talking about using multiple assessment platforms for these features. On the contrary, all these features can be found in a single platform. Kandio offers all these capabilities for a competitive price, thereby making the entire process of hiring and employment much easier.

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