7 Reasons You Are Experiencing “The Great Resignation”

Ever heard of "The Great Resignation?" It is the trend where many employees decide to leave their jobs for good. While many attributed this trend to the pandemic, many soon realized that this wasn't the case. Instead, it looked like a strike, and many factors caused this issue.

Are you experiencing some part of The Great Resignation? If so, you might be inadvertently experiencing some of the following problems:

1. Your Employees Aren't Growing Personally

Many employers do not expand and develop their employees. They expect them to reach the top level in their current position and hope for the best. While it sounds great on paper, it does not work in practice. This is because people are motivated by challenges, and the lack of such challenges can leave employees bored or wanting more out of their professional lives, hence the resignation.

2. There Is a Lack of Communication

A lack of communication is one of the leading factors for the Great Resignation. It is imperative that you communicate with your employees regularly, and you must communicate with the proper channels. For example, it is a good idea to have open-door policies so your employees can express their concerns with you directly. If you hear your employees talking about issues, you can always address them as a team.

3. You Are Hiring the Wrong Talents

Hiring employees that are not on the same page as you can be detrimental to your team's performance. You will definitely have differences, such as in the vision or in work ethic. You have to figure out what is the right fit for your company. Otherwise, you won't experience the benefits of a unified team, let alone be able to keep them as part of your workforce for the long term.

4. Employees Aren't Getting Enough Time Off

The workload can be heavy, and many employers are under pressure to deliver results on time. However, it is essential to give your team enough time to relax. When they are stressed, they are more likely to lash out, and this can even lead to depression. You have to ensure that they have a nice balance of work and playtime. Otherwise, they will suffer when they are "on the clock."

5. They Aren't Being Appreciated

It's okay to give your employees some challenging tasks, but make sure you always show your gratitude, as well. Make sure you show how much you appreciate them being part of your team by recognizing their efforts. For example, you can give them bonuses for their hard work, or you can send them on vacation as a thank you gift.

6. There Is a Lack of Company Culture Awareness

You can never expect good performance if your employees do not know what the company culture is about. It can be a problem if the company's values are inconsistent with the employees' values. That is why it is important to discuss company values and culture with your employees, so they are aware of what is expected of them.

7. There Is Unreasonable Expectation

One key factor that leads to people quitting their jobs is the unreasonable expectation of their employers. Although they should be able to deliver the results expected of them, it should not be made a condition of employment, and they should not be punished if they do not meet the targets.


The Great Resignation is a global phenomenon that is affecting a lot of people and companies. If you want to avoid being part of this trend, you have to have a good sense of your team's needs, promote good communication, and hire the right talents. Otherwise, your company will continue to experience a lot of problems and lose valuable talents to your competitors.

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