4 More Benefits of Coding Tests during Interviews

Hiring tech talent is crucial for business success, especially during these advanced times. But this process can be quite challenging, so you should consider providing a coding assessment test to every candidate.

Aside from the first few benefits tackled in the previous blog, here are four more benefits of coding tests and assessments, mainly testing software, during interviews.

1. Test How Candidates Show Their Soft Skills

A coding test is an ideal way to measure a candidate’s communication skills, a critical trait for anyone in the technology industry. Candidates should be able to articulate themselves clearly and concisely and provide well-structured responses.

Coding tests can also reveal other soft skills such as knowledge, creativity, passion, problem-solving, and how someone works in a team.

2. Integrate Easily with Applicant Tracking Systems

While there are numerous tests that you can use for recruitment, coding tests are one of the most frequently used ones. This is because you can easily integrate the tests with the applicant tracking system.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software tool that helps organizations manage the hiring process. It contains the entire hiring lifecycle from job posting to the final interview, e-recruitment to document management, time, and attendance. The ATS software manages all recruitment activities, ensuring that the recruitment process is seamless and efficient.

By linking the testing software to Applicant Tracking Systems, you'll have a more comprehensive way to evaluate the candidates. And because everything is in one place, the decision will be more transparent to everyone involved.

3. Test a Larger Number of Candidates at a Time

Another perk of coding tests is that they can assess a larger number of candidates simultaneously. Usually, in a face-to-face interview, the interviewer can determine only one candidate at a time.

On the other hand, if you’re using a coding test, you can quickly assess up to 10 or even more candidates at a time. This is because coding tests, especially automated or online coding tests, allow multiple candidates to try out assessments simultaneously.

4. Offer a Convenient Solution for Candidates

The time and effort to go through the hiring process is time-consuming and can also be considered a hassle. Many candidates have to think twice about whether it’s worth it to pursue the job opportunity. But with coding tests, candidates can quickly assess their technical expertise, determining whether they want to pursue a job opportunity with the company.

Coding tests can provide a convenient solution for candidates who may not be able to walk into your office for an interview. A coding test can be given to candidates remotely, with the answers entered through a computer.

Moreover, coding tests are an excellent option for candidates who live abroad. Those who want to apply for jobs but do not want to make the long commute can conveniently jot down their answers to the questions through an online coding test. 

Final Thoughts

Coding tests will not only allow your business to hire extraordinary tech talent but also provide you with a comprehensive way to evaluate your candidates.

If you are looking for assessment test software, you should consider Kandio. By using Kandio, you will be able to access a tool that will help you determine the skill and technical knowledge of programming and developing candidates. Try out Kandio for free today to learn more.

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