How Assessment Tests Help You Hire the Best Employees

Bad hires are incredibly costly for your business from a financial and time perspective. According to this survey, department managers wasted around four months on new hires that didn't fit the company. This time frame included three months to realize they were not compatible and over a month to fill the role ASAP! Worse still, three in four senior managers admitted they had hired the wrong candidate for a role. These risks and the negative impacts they bring along with them have dramatically increased in 2022.

The impacts of poor hiring leave many factors at stake for employers. Of course, the first to go is productivity and costs associated with hiring, letting go, and rehiring for positions. But, an ill-fitting hire can also decrease team morale and foster a general loss of productivity among departments. They will also add unnecessary stress to supervisors. 

Beginning your interview process with an assessment test can lessen the effects of these bad hires and help ensure you get the right fit for a particular role. Here’s how it can help you hire the best candidates:

Company Culture Communication

Assessment tests also convey your company’s culture before a prospect is hired. It allows you to impart your values so the new employee can align with them immediately or realize from the get-go that your company is not a good fit. 


A significant bonus of behavioral assessment tests is that they are highly customizable for every candidate. If someone in the service industry needs a different approach than someone in sales, their behavioral assessment can be tailored to these needs. You can adjust your organization’s specific needs when setting up your behavioral assessment test, adjusting the questions to target exactly what you must know.

Employee Performance Prediction

Suppose you want to hire someone who will thrive in their role. In that case, behavioral assessments are excellent predictors of on-the-job performance because they simulate actual situations an employee may encounter and illustrate how they act or think on their feet.

Objective Feedback

While giving post-interview feedback to unsuccessful candidates can be challenging, it must be done to help them professionally. Thus, an assessment test can provide you with real data you can offer candidates since they’ve gone through a trial period that shows performance and behavioral data. It lets all parties know where they did well and didn’t, further solidifying why they were or weren’t the right fit for the particular role or your organization.

This also works when deciding between the final candidates. Their ratings can quantify who deserves the job among the rest. Just remember to break the news gently to those you’ll turn down.

Preview and Ownership

This testing period can also act as a trial session of sorts. It will deliver realistic job performance testing and responsibilities for employees, giving them a sense of what it will be like working for you in a particular position. Thus, hiring managers and candidates can make informed decisions to hire, move through with the interview process, or move on to another candidate.


Get reliable data from an assessment test when hiring with Kandio today! We develop expertly-written tests that sift through the pool of candidates and find you the best employee for the job. Try one for free on our website right now!

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