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15 questions

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30 minutes



Authentication / Authorization

Models / Django ORM


The Kandio Method

Kandio's assessment tests let you assess the candidates, employees, agencies or freelancers you have concerning any Django task you might have.

Remember that Kandio offers guidelines on which programmers to proceed with, and which ones to discard. Kandio will give you reliable directions about things programmers should know about, but a programmer can be excellent, even if he does not know about all of these things.

We suggest that you use our tests before your interview process to know which ones actually to talk to. The final Kandio report should be a piece of conversation with the strong candidates, rather than a disqualifying process in a late stage interview process.

The test and how it’s structured

Django is an abnormal state Python Web framework that empowers fast advancements, swift development and a down-to-earth approach. Brought to life by specialist software engineers, it deals several of the main headaches of developing web applications, so the employee can focus his time without needing the build everything from scratch, every single time he builds a new app.

We truly think that this free open source framework, has become a cornerstone of the internet in recent years, which is why we feel obligated to include an assessment test on this topic.

Which areas (chapters) will be covered in the test, and why was it chosen that way?

How Django accepts and responds to input from users. The candidate has to know about input.

Authentication / Authorization
Assessment in the out-of-the-box user authentication that comes with Django, so you can easily work with users.

Models / Django ORM
One of the backbones in Django. The candidate will need to be knowing about how essential data is structured in Django.

The candidate will be tested I his knowledge about views and how the handles and requests and responses in views.

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